Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Hamas Is Proof Elections Have Consequences

 Hamas Leader Khaled Meshaal

As Israel continues to fight for its existence, Hamas continues to use women and children as shields to protect their weapons. Hamas uses this tactic for one reason – it works. Israel does try to avoid killing civilians when they can, but Hamas counts on the fact that many of those civilians will be killed. The photos of their dead bodies are dutifully displayed on television screens around the world by a complicit news media to gin up hatred for Israel by those who should know better.

Like most people, except for radical Islamic terrorists, I hate the thought that any innocent civilian, especially a child, would be killed in any war. It hurts to see the bodies of young children being pulled from the rubble, or even those of their parents, but I do recognize the necessity of any country to do what is necessary to protect its citizens from attack. I also understand that Hamas is responsible for the death of every one of those innocent civilians.

Perhaps however, we are doing the residents of Gaza a disservice by referring to them as “innocent” civilians.

It is often said that elections have consequences. Certainly those of us here in the United States have recently been reminded of that fact and hopefully we will have learned a valuable lesson in time for the next round of elections. The residents of Gaza have a similar lesson to learn.

We must not forget that in 2006 Hamas won the Palestinian legislative elections, giving them administrative control over the Palestinian unity government with Fatah. The people who voted for Hamas did so with the full knowledge of who and what Hamas was – a terrorist organization. It should have come as no surprise then, when Hamas subsequently abandoned the political process and seized control of the government through violence. Since 2007 Fatah has maintained control over the West Bank while Hamas remains in control of the Gaza strip.

By electing Hamas in 2006, the Palestinian people deliberately handed the reins of their government to an organization that has never made their hatred of Israel a secret, nor have they made any effort to disguise their willingness to resort to barbaric acts of violence to achieve their goals. Hamas has no interest in governing the Gaza strip as anything other than a base of operations from which to launch their attacks on Israel. It is undeniable that their actions are driven solely by hatred for Israel rather than a concern for the wellbeing of the Palestinian people, and it should come as no surprise that these cowards are more than happy to hide behind women and children.

The residents of Gaza are suffering the consequences of their decisions. You have to know that if you elect people who do not respect the rule of law, who champion barbarism and totalitarianism, and whose only reason to exist is to wage war against Israel, you will not live a life of peace and prosperity. The children are obviously not to blame, but their parents are and the parents are responsible for bringing this tragedy upon those children.  I hate to see it happen, and I hope that the loss of life is kept to a minimum, but the Palestinian people have to understand that the decisions they make have consequences, and sometimes those consequences can include horrible tragedy and death.

It is a hard truth, but it is one that cannot be ignored.

"Khaled Meshaal 01" by Trango - Own work. Licensed under CC BY 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons.

Friday, July 18, 2014

I Didn't Want To Do This

It has to be said. I usually think it is unbecoming to do so, but events over the past 5 years and the gravity of the subject have made it necessary. I believe we have reached the point that conservatives all over the country need to stand up and shout in unison:


No, I take no pleasure in this. I honestly wish we had been dead wrong about the things we predicted would happen if Obama was elected. Sadly, we were right on every count. If we were wrong at all, it was that in many cases we underestimated how bad it would be.

Conservatives warned that Obama’s policies would hurt the economy, drive up energy prices, kill jobs, and drive manufacturing overseas. We warned that our national debt would skyrocket, that our military would be weakened, the world would become more unstable as the United States became weaker, and that Iraq and Afghanistan would fall back into the hands of terrorists if we pulled our forces out too soon. We insisted that our allies would be endangered because of our weakness, and that if we turned our back on Israel, her enemies would be emboldened. We made it clear that rewarding illegal immigration would lead to more illegal immigration.

Today is as good a day as any to take a look at how accurate those predictions were.

 How is the economy? Well, it is accurate to say it’s slowly recovering from a deep recession, IF you believe the sleight of hand tricks the administration uses to avoid the truth. Unfortunately for Obama, people pay more attention to the effect the economy is having on their lives rather than a recitation of dry economic statistics. Hard working people who have held full-time jobs most of their lives are struggling to provide for their families with part-time jobs and the number of people leaving the job market is at an all-time high. People who were promised pie-in-the-sky healthcare coverage have learned the truth about Obamacare. Young people who have gone deeply into debt to obtain college educations are living at home with their parents because they cannot find jobs. Prices are already higher and promise to continue to climb. Gasoline, which was less than $2 per gallon at the end of the Bush administration, is nearing $4 per gallon. Electricity prices, as Obama himself predicted, have skyrocketed. Coal mines are shutting down because of Obama’s EPA regulations, and just this week we have seen reports that we are now importing coal from Russia.

Obama’s foreign policy can only be described as amateurish, and many would say that is being charitable. When asked, not even former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton could point to a single foreign policy success during Obama’s term in office. Russia has re-emerged as a powerful adversary, with Putin being openly scornful of the pathetic threats made by Obama as the Ukraine struggles to fight off Russian aggression; China too is growing more powerful flexing their muscles at sea while frequently hacking into our computer systems to steal military secrets. While all of this is going on, Obama is cancelling valuable weapons systems and sending pink slips to soldiers still serving in war zones. Our allies have learned that they cannot rely on America to have their backs, nor can they trust Obama to not eaves drop on their phone calls (and we feel their pain).

The Middle East is literally on fire as one country after another fights against radical Islamic terrorist organizations that Obama has assured us are “on the run”. Somebody forgot to ask him which way they were running; rather than running in retreat, it seems they are charging full speed ahead. Our strongest ally in the region is currently engaged in a battle with terrorists while Obama can only muster a few weak words of support as he shuttles from one fundraiser to another.

Back on the home front a hoard of foreigners are illegally crossing the border that Harry Reid only this week assured us is secure. Among those foreigners are children, violent gang members and other assorted criminals, Islamic radicals, and a host of parasites and diseases. Rather than take some very simple steps that could end the invasion, Obama is using the agency intended to secure the border to welcome the invaders with open arms. In the process, he is condoning and even facilitating child sex trafficking, and drug smuggling. The unaccompanied children coming to this country are subjected to unspeakable acts of physical and sexual abuse, so much so that some of their parents put them on birth control before they made the trip just in case they are raped along the way, and risking their very lives to cross rivers and deserts. Reports of the bodies of young children floating in the Rio Grande are proof of this fact.

The administration that promised to be the “most transparent in history” has been everything but. Scandal after scandal has marred the legacy of Obama’s presidency, yet not a single person has been held accountable for their actions. Eric Holder, possibly one of the most egregious violators of the public trust, has effectively blocked investigations of anyone except those the administration sees as enemies. Any criticism of the administration is pushed aside as being rooted in racism. Meanwhile, the NSA continues to spy on Americans, the IRS continues to target Obama’s political opposition, and the EPA is ramming Obama’s draconian environmental policies down our throats at the expense of our jobs and the economy. We continue to fund terrorist organizations through our purchases of Middle Eastern oil as Obama shuns the notion of energy independence, Michelle Obama is torturing our school children with what she has proclaimed to be “healthy” school lunches, and we continue to be harassed by the TSA as we travel while illegal immigrants are provided with free transportation with no form of identification required.

There, I've said it. We told you so. I’m saying it, not to gloat, but because there is a lesson to be learned. When conservatives warned America what the consequences of an Obama presidency would be, we were laughed at as ignorant rubes and told we should shut up and let the enlightened left have their way. Well, they had their way and now we can see the results. Is anyone happy with the outcome?

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Imagine, if you will...

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if we actually had someone capable of leading the country occupying the White House? Let’s take a moment to imagine what it would be like if Barack Obama body was possessed by the benevolent spirit of someone who loved America, and had good common sense and leadership ability.

First, that leader would begin his day by taking care of the most immediate needs of the country. He would begin by summoning the Mexican Ambassador to the Oval Office for a ‘come-to-Jesus’ meeting. At that meeting, he would explain that Mexico had three simple tasks to accomplish in the next 24 hours to prevent all foreign aid to Mexico from being cut off, and an immediate cessation of trade between our two countries. The first would be the immediate, unconditional release of Sgt. Tahmoorressi from prison, to be accomplished before the end of the day. The second would be an immediate end to any border incursions by the Mexican police and military. Further violations of our border would be dealt with harshly. Finally, the agreement with Guatemala to provide safe passage for migrants attempting to enter the United States illegally would be terminated, and those already traveling to our border would be turned back to their point of origin. These demands would not be negotiable.

The next item on his agenda would be to introduce himself to all of the members of his cabinet (just in case they had forgotten who he was), and he would proceed to have a similar ‘come-to-Jesus’ meeting with them. The meeting would begin by introducing Eric Holder to his replacement, with instructions to follow his armed escorts to his office where his personal belongings were being packed into a box for him. He would have no access to any computers, files, or records until the Special Prosecutor released them.

The Secretary of the Treasury would then be instructed to immediately suspend everyone in top management positions at the IRS in similar fashion, and to co-operate fully with the investigation being launched by my newly appointed Attorney General.

The head of the Department of Veterans Affairs would be given instructions to summarily fire everyone involved in creating and maintaining secret waiting lists for veterans seeking medical treatment, and the Justice Department would have instructions to launch criminal investigations into each case. Any veteran not provided with needed medical attention in a timely manner would be referred to a civilian medical facility of their choice.

The head of the Department of Homeland Security would then receive instructions to secure the border, and to arrest, detain, and deport anyone crossing the border illegally. Those illegals currently being housed in the ‘refugee centers’ would be returned to their country of origin.

Secretary of State and former Vietnam Veteran John F. Kerry would be given instructions to travel to Israel to deliver an apology to Prime Minister Netanyahu and to offer him our fill co-operation in the defense of Israel from the rocket attacks by Hamas, as well as the nuclear threat from Iran.

Prior to adjourning the meeting, the heads of the Departments of Energy and Education, as well as the EPA would be put on notice that, at the next cabinet meeting, they would need to present a justification of the continued existence of their respective departments.

I know, all of this is a fantasy, but frankly we all know that is only way there will be any form of leadership exhibited by the Obama administration.