Tuesday, July 29, 2014

There Are Limits, And We Are There

An Open Letter To Congress

This is addressed to all 535 members of Congress. This is NOT a threat of violence, nor is it intended to incite violence. I write these words to express to those of you who are in the best position to prevent the violence I fear is on our horizon in an attempt to spur you to take the necessary action to head this off. I can only hope and pray that you heed this warning, but I have little confidence you will.

As we speak, our borders are being inundated by a flood of illegal immigrants. For obvious political reasons most Democrats, led by President Obama, are cheering this invasion on simply because they believe it will lead to a permanent underclass that will ensure decades of uninterrupted power for the liberal elites. This is shameful and disgusting behavior for any freedom loving American, even a Democrat. What is even more shameful and disgusting is that far too many Republicans are taking their side, for reasons I cannot begin to imagine.

Whatever the reason, let me spell this out for you.

We, the people, do NOT want this. Unlike those of you who have positioned yourselves in the ruling class in Washington, we understand the dangers of an open border policy that allows unfettered access to the nation WE have built to anyone and everyone who crosses our border. We understand the unfairness of the policy, we understand the economic issues posed by the policy, and we understand full well the national security issues that come from open borders. Much better than you, it would seem, we understand the danger such a policy poses to our way of life, and to the future of our children.

Those of you in Congress, along with the President, are either oblivious to or unconcerned with many things that should hold your attention. To begin with, you should understand that you are employees, not masters. You serve on our payroll and you owe your allegiance to those of us who put you there. You should also understand that regardless of how many illegal (yes illegal, not undocumented) aliens you bring across the border, voting requires citizenship and citizenship takes time. They will not be able to vote for you in November, nor will they be able to vote for you in 2016. Your jobs are in jeopardy.

President Obama has embarked on a course that seems to lead directly to amnesty for millions of illegal aliens, and which is demonstrably bringing more in by the tens of thousands. Some of you openly support this policy, while others assist him by your inaction and by your silence. None of this is going unnoticed. You were sent there to do a job, and we expect this situation to be dealt with in short order.

Please, allow me to make this perfectly clear. Our government only works because we have a system of checks and balances to ensure each branch of government functions as intended, and is prevented from engaging in excesses that threaten the republic. As it stands, the Executive Branch of the government has abandoned all pretense of living up to its constitutional responsibilities and shows no sign of respect for the document that grants it authority to act on behalf of the American people.

The Legislative Branch now has the responsibility of reigning in the excesses of the Executive Branch. So far, you have shown no inclination of doing so. You dither over matters that pale in significance to the matters at hand, bluster in front of every microphone that comes your way, and fail to do what is necessary to protect this nation. Your time is running out, and we now strongly suspect that you are complicit in the obvious plan that is being carried out by the President.

As I stated at the beginning, I do not advocate, condone, or wish for any form of violence. I believe the situation can be resolved through the political process, and I hope and pray that it is. I am aware however, as you should be, that there are many people in this country that are not as patient or reasoned as I am trying to be, and I believe that number is growing by leaps and bounds. I also believe that we are rapidly reaching the point that this could get out of hand. To quote Johnny Cash, "I hear that train a comin'."

Our founding fathers gave us a Constitution that created the world’s best form of government, with a set of checks and balances to keep it in line. The last line of defense to keep us free of tyranny is the fourth branch of government, the American people. We have a duty to stand up and fight back when government fails in its primary duty to protect the freedoms of the people who created it.

The President has stated unequivocally that he will act without the authorization of Congress to achieve his goals. He has also made it clear that he intends to grant amnesty to as many illegal aliens as possible, and to invite as many as he can to join them. He has even proposed to provide them with air transportation to make their journey even easier, thumbing his nose at those of us who oppose his policy. Congress has the ability and the responsibility to act to stop this lawless action. We expect you to do so.

In Israel, we have seen a demonstration of what true leadership looks like. Benjamin Netanyahu has made it clear that he will do what is necessary to protect his country, and refuses to apologize to anyone for doing so. Members of Congress, I implore you to show the same kind of leadership. Barack Obama can be stopped, and he must be stopped. Will you stand up for what you know is the right thing to do, or will you allow this to go on until the American people rise up to show you how it is done?

Do the right thing.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

To Impeach or Not To Impeach?

The word ‘impeachment’ has been on the minds of a lot of people lately, one of which is President Obama. As he is prone to do, the President has spent a lot of time fundraising (since there are no other pressing matters of state to keep him occupied), and he has found it worthwhile to warn Democrat donors that Republicans are out to get him. The news media has obediently joined him in his quest to stir up this issue with every Republican congressman who dares step in front of a microphone. Fortunately, few have taken the bait.

Certainly there have been an increasing number of conservatives who have had enough of Obama’s disregard for the Constitution and for the separation of powers, not to mention his blatant disregard for the very laws he has been tasked with enforcing, who are ready to go down that road. Others however, have argued that while grounds may technically exist to bring the President up on charges, his transgressions have not yet reached a level to warrant such a move. Some have argued that any effort to impeach the President is pointless since the Senate is controlled by Democrats who share his disdain for the Constitution. Proponents of impeachment counter that doing the right thing is more important than the political ramifications.

Both sides have valid points.

From a purely legalistic point of view, ample evidence exists to warrant impeachment hearings in the House of Representatives, and I believe that evidence is substantial enough to justify impeachment at the end of the process. I also believe that the same thing could have been said about almost every President who has ever served. The question then, is have those transgressions risen to a level that would warrant removing him from office? While I believe they have, and a recent poll suggests that thirty percent of the American people agree, the important thing is whether or not enough of members of the Senate believe their constituents would demand it. From what I can see, we have not yet reached that point.

The problem with charging full steam ahead with this process is that public opinion is the controlling factor. Obviously, the President and many of his fellow Democrats believe they can raise money and secure votes by making it seem as though Republicans are chomping at the bit to bring charges as soon as the 2014 elections are over. Obviously they believe that the threat of impeachment hearings will energize their base enough to help them hold the Senate. I can’t help but believe they are right.

 It is important to remember that, if you’re going to climb on a bandwagon, you should be sure it is going to the right destination. This particular bandwagon is being driven by Barack Obama and is heading towards another two years of Democrat control of the Senate.

I’m not suggesting that the day will never come when such a move is necessary, but we must learn to choose our battles. If our goal is to fall on our swords to make a political statement, then this would present a perfect opportunity to do so. If, on the other hand, our goal is to protect our country from further harm at the hands of our President, a better tactic would be to wrest control of the Senate from the Democrats and bring his lawlessness to a screeching halt.

President Obama will have two years left in office after the elections in November. If the Democrats manage to hold onto power, there will be nothing to hold him back from running roughshod over the Constitution. Regardless of how egregiously he violates his oath of office or the law, Senate Democrats have already shown they are unwilling to even criticize him, let alone hold him accountable.

A Republican Senate however, will make all the difference. President Obama will no longer enjoy the safety of a complicit Senate, and he will have to go to work every morning knowing that his abuses of power can lead to his removal from office, and that Republicans can counter any effort he makes to bypass them. The day may certainly come when impeachment becomes necessary, but I believe our goals will be better met by winning the Senate.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Ebola Arriving at The U.S. Border?

Just in case we didn't already have enough reasons to secure our borders, the current Ebola outbreak in Africa should give everyone not only a reason, but a sense of urgency to get the task taken care of. As news breaks of the first reported case of Ebola in Nigeria, a man who collapsed as he walked off a plane in Lagos, President Obama and members of Congress are arguing about whether or not we even need to secure the border. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (Idiot-Nevada) claims that the border is already secure. Meanwhile in the Middle East, radical Islamic terrorists are in the process of establishing an Islamic state and promising to destroy Israel and the United States.

How long do you think it will take these peace loving murderous thugs to figure out that all they need is one infected patient and some basic medical equipment to obtain the virus? How much longer do you think it will take them to get that virus, one of the most deadly in the world, with no known cure, across our southern border?

Barack Obama, along with his willing accomplices in the Democrat Party (and far too many in the Republican Party) have created a situation where we have thousands of illegal immigrants pouring across our borders. Obama has backed our border patrol agents miles away from the border, and in fact has assigned a large percentage of them to administrative duty and off border patrol to altogether, ensuring that we have no idea how many people are coming across the border, who they might be, or what they might bring with them. Border Patrol agents have reported seeing diseases they “haven’t seen in decades”.

Imagine what would happen if someone managed to enter the country with the deadly Ebola virus, either in a form that could be delivered in a populated area, or in their own bodies; the effects could be both devastating and destabilizing. Don’t think for a moment that our enemies haven’t thought about it. They have the means, the desire, and the ability to carry out just such an attack. In the past few days at least one Ebola patient has been kidnapped from a hospital in Sierra Leone, presumably by her family members. Distrust of doctors and hospitals there keep many victims from seeking medical attention, making them easily available to Islamic radicals who want to weaponize the virus. Bringing it to America is a simple matter of logistics.