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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Something Is Wrong

Something is wrong in America, and it has permeated the very soul of our nation. We see things happening in our government and we wonder how this can happen; but we go on with our lives and shake our heads about the next thing that happens, again wondering why. “Why doesn't someone do something?” we ask, and then we change the channel and watch something not as depressing as the news.

The “something” that is wrong has a name: Progressivism, and this is the day that Conservatives have warned was coming. You can see the signs of it everywhere you look because they have never tried to hide what they do; instead they use a variety of tactics to distort and distract. Sometimes they even just ignore the facts and go on as if they've done nothing, knowing they will not be challenged.

Yes, there is a Constitution which forbids some of the things they do, and there are laws in place to govern their actions; but laws only apply to those who obey them, and are only enforced by those with the courage to do so. Checks and balances exist in the government which are designed to prevent abuses of power, but those only work if the will exists in one branch to control the other. We have a free press given the responsibility to report what is going in our government objectively and fearlessly, but that only works if the press is interested in reporting the truth and is not acting in collusion with those they are tasked with overseeing. We the people are the ultimate authority over our government, responsible to each other to ensure that we uphold and defend the Constitution, the document that ensures our freedom; but that will only work if we are diligent in our duty, and have the knowledge, wisdom, and courage to stand up to our servants when they seek to become our masters.

It all sounds good on the surface. Any good con artist knows that to be successful, his sales pitch must be convincing. “We must help the poor and the disadvantaged” they say, and since no one wants to be accused of not having compassion we turn a blind eye to the Constitutional violations. In doing so we have to make ourselves forget the reality that charity taken from someone else's pocket is theft, and charity paid on demand is tribute. Our legislators create problems for which we demand a government program to fix, so we allow them to create debts to be paid by our children. In doing so we have to make ourselves forget the reality that borrowing from those who have not given their consent, and doing so with no ability to repay is theft. We are even unwilling to acknowledge that we are stealing from those who depend on us to protect them.

A new crisis arises and our legislators rush to the nearest television camera to explain to us how, at a cost of just a little bit of our freedom they will make sure this never happens again. Those in the press dutifully tell us the stories and show us the pictures designed to enlist our assistance in the theft of our own freedom, and we willingly sell ourselves into slavery on the installment plan. When that crisis arises the second time, they rush back to the cameras to explain that they just didn't go far enough last time, and that for our own safety they will need to have just a little more of our freedom to fix it, and of course we willingly hand it over 'for the children'.

This process has been going on for generations, and none are without blame. We are trillions of dollars in debt, yet our President asserts that we don't have a spending problem. Instead he unashamedly makes the case that all will be better if he picks the pockets of those who produce and lines the pockets of those who do not. They condemn those who achieve in order to curry the favor of those who will not. When anyone objects, they are denounced as being out of the mainstream and only interested in making money by those who are only interested in taking money. When Constitutional issues are raised, they point to past violations that were allowed to stand as evidence of their authority to continue down the same path. “You don't want to end that program, do you?” they ask, and like any addict would do we back down to protect our addiction.

The largest, most powerful government in the world has been illegally operating for more than three years without a budget yet there is no demand from its overseers that the situation be righted because we already know the budgets were only an illusion in the first place. As soon as our legislators agreed to raise taxes on the producers, our President immediately informed us that he was only just getting started. With his re-election behind him, he unleashed a new round of regulations designed to tell those who built successful businesses how to run them, despite the fact that those regulations were written by those who were incapable of building businesses of their own. As those new taxes and regulations destroy the wealth building capacity of our economy, they tell us that the path to prosperity lies in their ability to impose more taxes and even more regulations.

A tragedy occurs and again they rush to take our freedoms in the name of our own safety, telling us law abiding citizens that by taking away our means of defense we will be protected from those who have no respect for their laws. They do so because they know it is impossible to enslave an armed man, and we allow it because we fail to understand how easy it is to enslave an unarmed man. They are afraid that one day we will wake up to the fact that it is they who do not respect our laws, and it is they who are robbing us of our wealth and our freedom.

The question is, will we wake up? Will we come to our senses before we are disarmed and enslaved on the plantation of Progressivism forced to work under the whip of a government master to produce the wealth intended for the pockets of those who will not work? Will we wake up to the fact that our servants seek to become our masters?

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