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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Big Picture Time

Inauguration Day is behind us now, and President Obama has begun his second term with a number of goals in mind. Obviously one of those is to enact several new gun control measures, but there are others that should concern us as well. Immigration reform is one of them, as well as more tax increases and a host of new regulations and environmental initiatives. One can’t help but fear that, with all of these new priorities he might lose his “laser like focus” on job creation.

There is a tendency to view his agenda as nothing more than collection of genuinely bad ideas, but you can be sure that is not the case. In order to see how all of these pieces fit into the puzzle, you must first get an understanding of what the big picture will look like.

There was a time when the Left would bristle at the term ‘socialist’ and deny their true agenda, but for the most part they now try to pretend that their brand of socialism is a milder, full flavor version that will go down much easier than those of the past. “A little socialism is necessary” they say, and they point to things like Social Security and Medicare as examples of ‘good’ socialism as reasons why we should want more.

Make no mistake, “a little socialism” isn’t the end goal, it is just the beginning. The major difference between a Socialist and a Communist is the path they choose to take to reach the same place. Communists are radicals, seeking to overthrow capitalism preferably through violent revolution. Socialists however, are content to work the system and reach the same goal through gradual, less violent means, hence the name Progressive.

The problem is that our Constitution is not compatible with the socialist agenda. So far they have just nibbled around the edges of unconstitutional programs and have been fairly successful at sliding them by the Supreme Court, but soon they will be forced to take bigger bites. In order to be successful, it will one day become necessary to either ignore or suspend the Constitution altogether. It is with this in mind that they often claim that the Constitution is a ‘living, breathing document that must be interpreted from a more modern viewpoint’.

One of their first concerns then is the fact that Americans are pretty heavily armed, but they know it would be foolish to attempt an outright gun ban all at once. Their tactic is to progressively nibble away at our 2nd Amendment rights until we grow used to the idea. “I support the 2nd Amendment,” they will say, “but we all agree that we need some common sense restrictions on these military style weapons.” You can be sure that a sentence that begins with “I support the 2nd Amendment but” is a lie being told for the purpose of destroying your freedom.

Please understand, these attacks on our freedom are just the beginning, and they will not end with the 2nd Amendment. Once they succeed in taking our guns (or perhaps even before), the same arguments will be used to justify limits on free speech, freedom of religion, and in the long run most if not all of our other rights. “I support the 1st Amendment,” they will say, “but we all agree that we need some common sense restrictions on this inflammatory type of language.”

To reach their ultimate goals, they know that private ownership of land will have to be abolished, and that individual rights will have to be subordinated to the rights of the collective. History has made it clear that Socialism and individual freedom cannot co-exist for any length of time, thus it becomes necessary to establish a more powerful government that is capable of controlling its citizens. The ever increasing regulations are designed to establish these types of controls without having to obtain the power legislatively. Rather than overtly seizing privately owned land, they simply put into place regulations which deny the owners its free use. High property taxes are another way that individuals are dissuaded from owning large tracts of land, and are herded instead into apartments and other type of high density housing.

There are those for whom all of this sounds perfectly acceptable. As hard as it is to believe, there are among us those naive individuals who believe in the Socialist pipe dream of a Utopia where everyone is equal and we all share our resources. They believe that by redistributing the wealth in this country, we can all achieve a standard of living that will at least be comfortable. What they fail to realize however, is that Obama and his cohorts are approaching this from a global perspective, and that the redistribution of wealth will not stop at our own boarders.

By global standards, even our poor are considered wealthy. The rest of the world sees the U.S. as a pot of gold waiting to be plundered. Those who believe that we achieved our status at the expense of the undeveloped nations, Obama among them, see Socialism as a means to siphon off the wealth of this country into the pockets of those who would never be able to create the wealth by their own efforts.


  1. Well said! You said what I have been thinking all along. Scary future, indeed.