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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Are You Ready?

The time has come to decide. President Obama has made it clear that he has no intention of allowing the Constitution to get in the way of his radical leftist political agenda. As we learned during his first term in office, Obama has no respect for our First Amendment rights, and it has now become clear that he has even less respect for those protected by the Second Amendment.

Much has been said about what Obama should do regarding the issues of safety for our school children, and gun control, but at this point it is clear that a more important discussion is what we should do in response to what he has already made up his mind to do. Such conversations have taken place countless times over the years, and until now were mainly academic exercises. We have reached that day however, that the time for academic exercises has ended, and the need to genuinely consider our options is upon us. We must decide as a society and as individuals, what our response will be when our government, created and intended for the purpose of protecting our freedom, decides to take that freedom away from us.

Some would say that I am jumping the gun, or perhaps exaggerating the threat that we face. Many would even argue that there is no real threat to our freedom. David Green, owner and CEO of Hobby Lobby, would disagree. His privately owned company is facing a $1.3 million dollar per day fine for refusing to comply with an Obamacare mandate that would force him to pay for abortion causing drugs, which violate his religious beliefs. Several years ago, standing in the pulpit of a rural Georgia church, I delivered a sermon in which I predicted that, in our lifetime, Christians would go to jail for obedience to their faith. I am there were many in that congregation that thought I was wrong, but that day is now upon us.

Virginia Attorney General and gubernatorial candidate Ken Cuccinelli recently said on a syndicated radio show that going to jail might be an effective way to protest such mandates in Obamacare. Certainly, these mandates mean that many Catholics in this country are facing a decision to either obey God or obey the government.

Several states are now considering enactment of additional gun control measures, and some politicians have openly discussed the possibility of outright confiscation. In states with gun registration the means to effect confiscation is in place. (Remember when the liberals made fun of us for opposing registration because it could be used by the government to find your guns when it was ready to take them away?) In states without registration the task will be a bit more difficult, but sales records kept by gun dealers and records of concealed carry permit holders and hunting licenses will give the government some clues as to where to look.

The question then, is how do we respond when they come knocking on your door? Are you prepared to do what is necessary to stand up for your rights, or will you acquiesce and hand over your weapons? The answer you would give out loud in front of your friends isn't hard to guess, but the real answer is one that you need to consider privately after giving serious consideration to the consequences of your actions.

I am not in a position to tell anyone what they should do because every situation is different. I will however, discuss my thoughts on the subject.

The knee-jerk response to this question is “They might take my guns, but when they do I won't have any ammo left”, and while that help me to sound and feel defiant, the truth is that such a response would not necessarily be effective and would most likely play into the hands of those we wish to oppose. A more reasoned and level headed response is more likely to achieve a better result.
A better response, I believe, is to simply refuse to comply. No, I will not voluntarily give up my guns, and no, I won't tell you where they are. Obviously by taking this approach there is every likelihood of being arrested and jailed, a prospect which is less frightening than going down in a hail of bullets, but one that we have to be mentally prepared to accept. Are you willing?

Given the number of gun owners in this country, the government would be hard pressed to incarcerate even a small percentage of them. What would happen however, is that as the jail cells began to be filled with otherwise law abiding citizens, husbands, wives, fathers, mothers, and brothers, public perception of a government round-up of good people would create such a fury that the government would be faced with more problems than it counted on.

I have no more desire to be thrown in jail than anyone else, but throughout this nation's history many men and women have sacrificed their very lives to protect our freedom, so what is a little time behind bars? In 1979 I took an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution from all enemies both foreign and domestic; I have not been released from that obligation. I may suffer, but I am willing for the sake of my children. My family might suffer as well, but a life of servitude to the state would be even worse.

Are you ready for what you may have to do?

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