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Saturday, December 1, 2012

My Plan to Avoid the Fiscal Cliff

President Obama just sent Mrs. Geithner's little boy Timmy out to insult the GOP with his LSD inspired plan to avoid the so-called 'fiscal cliff', so I thought I would offer up my own plan since the Republicans don't seem to feel the need.

My plan consists of two parts, one for raising taxes, and the other for entitlement reform.

1. Taxes

The President is bound and determined to "raise taxes on the rich", despite the fact that doing so will

a. not do anything to address the deficit problem, and

b. hurt the economy thus reducing tax revenue coming into the treasury.

He insists that the American people want these tax increases, and that the rich can afford higher taxes and really do want to pay them. If he genuinely believes this to be true, he should have no problem with my plan.

First, we make the current tax rates permanent to give some sense of stability for the future. Next, we add one line to the current form 1040, just below the line that says “Tax owed” which says “Additional taxes I wish to pay”. On this line, taxpayers of all persuasions would have the opportunity to confirm their support for President Obama’s tax increases. He says the American people voted for them, and we know he would never lie to us, so there is no room for doubt that by doing this we would bring in plenty of new revenue to little Timmy’s piggy bank, right?

2. Entitlements

Despite the fact that nothing in the Constitution gives Congress the authority to use the federal treasury as an instrument of charity, the Democrats are standing firm against any talk what-so-ever about cutting a penny from the current levels of wealth redistribution, and in fact are suggesting actual increases in the misnamed ‘entitlement’ spending. Republicans, being the bold leaders that they are, have not once brought up the unconstitutional nature of said spending, and are dancing around the topic by calling for cuts to the rate of increase in those programs.

My plan would address both the constitutional problem and give the left every opportunity to express their undying support for government run charity.

We would begin by creating a cabinet level Department of Public Charity. All federal entitlement programs would be handed over to this new department which would be in charge of all aspects of federal handouts. No tax revenue would be used to fund the budget of this new department; instead it would be funded by voluntary donations by citizens who firmly believe in the goodness of government handouts. We could facilitate the funding of this department by adding a line on for W-4 to allot an amount to be deducted from a person’s paycheck that would go directly to this department’s budget. Donors could also give by simply writing a check made out to the Department of Public Charity, or they could even go online to make contributions. All contributions of course, would be fully deductable. No doubt, since such a large majority of Americans believe in Government handouts, there will be no shortage of funds with which to operate this new department.

This beauty of this plan is that it gives the American people the ability to have the final say on both issues, raising taxes and government handouts. If, as the Democrats tell us, the American people fully support raising taxes and in using that tax money to fund entitlement programs, there can be little doubt that this will work.

Isn’t compromise great?

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