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Sunday, November 11, 2012

The Next Steps

Well, the voters have spoken. Unfortunately, most of them said something very, very stupid. Despite the best efforts of many freedom loving Americans, Barack Obama will fail to lead this nation for another four years and Joe Biden will provide us all with incentive to pray for the President’s good health. While you’re at it, you might ask the Lord to enlighten him and set him on the right path. Don’t forget it was a talking ass that He used to get Balaam’s attention; perhaps he could do the same for Obama.

Following the election we have been subjected to an amazing number of theories as to why Romney failed to win, but what it boils down to is that a whole lot of people made an exceedingly poor decision while standing in a voting booth. Obviously those of us on the right need to take steps to prevent that from happening again, but there is not going to be a single magic bullet to make things right.

Along with every other political observer and commentator in the country, I can see several things that contributed to Romney’s loss. The first thing is that, once again, the Republican Party opted to go with the moderate because he was “the only one that can beat Obama”. Once again, they were wrong. One thing that seriously hurt Romney’s chances of winning was the fact that he tried to pretend the Tea Party didn’t exist. In 2010, the overwhelming victory enjoyed by the GOP was a result of Tea Party activism that turned out the conservative base in droves. Romney failed to tap into that much necessary energy and it cost him dearly.

Perhaps the biggest contributor to his loss was the failure to convince people that his plan would work. It is not enough to simply state your plan and expect everyone to nod affirmatively and give their approval. Those of us who already buy into conservative principles and economic ideas will more easily do so, but that isn’t enough to win the election. A successful conservative candidate will be one that has the ability to form a plan that will work, and to then present that plan in a clear and convincing manner that will not only secure the base but convince others as well. In order to convince those who are not already believers, we must explain how and why our methods will work. Reagan had that ability, but it turns out that Romney did not.

Despite the anguish and frustration many of us feel, all is not lost. Certainly, we are in a much worse position as a country due to the election results, but there is still a way out of this mess that we cannot afford to ignore or squander.

Following his election in 2008 Barack Obama became seriously over impressed with himself and proceeded to act upon his imagined mandate and rammed his agenda through Congress without regard for the political futures of the members of his own party. The following mid-term elections, with the invaluable help of a sea of Tea Party activists across the country, ended the political careers of many Democrats and even a few Republicans, and handed the reins of the House of Representatives to the GOP. In true form, the GOP leadership in the House did their best to minimize the effect of the Tea Party and continue with their old ways. This, coupled with the GOP’s decision to once again back a moderate candidate for President, led to the most needless Presidential election loss in modern history.

Obviously, the GOP has once again snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. During the campaign process, we cited Obama's failure to lead as reason to not give him another four years. As disappointed as we are that the voters chose to do so, we must ask ourselves the same question about the current GOP leadership. The obvious answer, to me at least, is a resounding NO!

Where then, should we turn? Why not turn back to the source of power our founding fathers intended? The only success we have had recently has come through the efforts of Tea Party, the grassroots of the American conservative movement. Rather than rely upon the establishment political machines that have let us down so many times, it is time for us to take control of the system from them and re-establish our control over the Federal government.

We have two years until the next round of federal elections, when a third of the U.S. Senate is up for re-election and all of the House of Representatives. In the Senate, twenty Democrats are facing re-election, and in the House 186. In addition there are some Republican seats that will need to be considered. Given Obama’s disregard for the political careers of his fellow Democrats, it will be a reasonable assumption that the next two years will be much like his first two years in office, giving the American people ample time to learn just how wrong they were.

If we are going to seize upon this opportunity, we must begin now. With the help of the Tea Party organization that already exists, we must once again tap into the intensity of feelings that conservative, freedom loving Americans feel and use that energy to bring about the kind of changes we saw in 2010. This time however, we must focus our efforts on building veto proof majorities in both the House and the Senate. At the same time, we must impress upon our Republican legislators the need to replace the current GOP leadership with those who understand and support our agenda.

We know what we have to do, let’s get started.


  1. amen, James. Great blog post!

  2. A positive essay, and I'm sure heartfelt. My concern is the ease with which obama can further deal the Republic fatal blows without regard to the Congress. Regulations, EO's, international agreements without treaty, are all within his power. He's shown little restraint in the past, I expect less restraint in the future.

    I will indeed work toward electing conservative representatives, in hopes there is something left to save.