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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Who Will Have Their Backs?

I don’t know how the rest of you feel, but I’m mad; really mad. As more details emerge about the attack on our people in Benghazi, Libya, my anger grows. Maybe it’s just me, but this strikes close to home. During my time in the military, I took part in a number of covert actions in a number of dangerous places, some in the Middle East, Libya being one of them. During that time, I had absolutely no doubt that if things turned sour our Commander in Chief, President Ronald Reagan, would have moved heaven and earth to send help when needed. We knew he had our backs.

Do our troops currently have that same assurance?

While it is true that not all the details of what happened have been made public, they are certainly known to those involved. Members of the Obama Administration, including the President, who use the excuse that “we are investigating” or “we don’t know everything yet” are lying and stalling for time. The White House knew at the time of the attack what needed to be done, and chose to do nothing. They sat on their hands and watched live video from not one, but two aerial drones while Ambassador Christophe Stevens, Sean Smith, Glen Doherty, and Tyrone Woods died at the hands of Al Qaeda extremists.

No amount of uncertainty about the identity of the attackers or their motivation for launching the attack justifies the inaction and unmitigated failure of the administration to protect those men. The administration knew in advance that the Ambassador wanted increased security. They knew that Benghazi was a hotbed of Al Qaeda extremists, and that the anniversary of 9/11 was approaching, yet they denied the requests for more security. In fact, they reduced security. It was known in the hours prior to the attack that the safe house in Benghazi was being watched, and that an attack was likely, yet they did nothing. When the attack came an overhead drone fed a live video to the White House, the CIA, and the Pentagon, yet no one took action on what they saw. When the first drone ran low on fuel, a second surveillance drone was sent to relieve the first, but no armed drones were sent to provide air support. Military jets were standing by only an hour away in Italy, but they were not dispatched during the 7 hours of the attack. Telephone communication with those on the ground in Benghazi was working just fine, so everyone involved was aware of the repeated requests for help, and no one lifted a finger to provide it.

In the days and weeks following the attack, members of the White House repeated the pitiful lie that the attack was caused by a demonstration that got out of hand. They blamed it all on an obscure You Tube video, and apologized to the Muslim world for the fact that our Constitution protects our freedom of speech. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton even assured the grieving father of Navy Seal Tyrone Woods that they would arrest the man that made the video, all the while knowing that the video was unrelated to the attack. The administration looked that father, the American people, and the world in the eye and lied.

This incident raises a lot of important questions. Why was the Administration so unwilling to provide security in such a dangerous place? Why would they do nothing to help once the attack began? Why lie about the perpetrators of the attack and their motivations? Why the administration wide cover-up of what happened?

Those four brave men in Benghazi learned the hard way that President Obama did not have their backs. Our brave men and women serving in the military and other capacities overseas can have no assurance that he will have theirs, nor can the American people. Leadership in this administration is non-existent. Honor and integrity have no place in the Obama White House. The American people can have no confidence in their government.

By now senior members of the Administration should have resigned in disgust and in protest of what happened, but that has not happened. They are all complicit. By now members of the President’s own party should have stood up and demanded answers for the President, yet they are silent. They are all complicit.

It is time for the American people to let our troops know that, unlike their President, we have their backs. This is the time that we must, with one voice, stand up and demand accountability from our elected officials. I will do what no member of Congress has had the courage to do.

Mr. President, you have failed in your duties as Commander in Chief. Neither the military nor the American people can have confidence in your ability to lead this nation or to protect us from harm. Sir, I demand that you tender your resignation effective immediately.

Vice-President Biden, your role in the events not yet clear, but your silence and loyalty to the President make you complicit in actions and failures of the Administration. Sir, I demand your resignation effective immediately.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Secretary of Defense Panetta, CIA Director Petraeus, your actions have made it clear that you place your loyalty to Barack Obama above your loyalty to the United States and above your sense of duty to your fellow Americans. I demand your resignations effective immediately.

To our members of Congress, these four public servants and our nation were betrayed by the Obama administration. The Constitution that created your offices places upon you the responsibility of investigating these tragic events and holding accountable those who are at fault. Ladies and gentlemen of the Congress, I demand that you fulfill your duties and take immediate and decisive action in this matter. If you are unwilling to do so, then I demand you tender your resignation as well.

At the very least the Obama Administration, including the President, is guilty of gross negligence and dereliction of duty; at worst acts of treason have been committed. This is not about politics, it is about honor, integrity, and loyalty to our nation.

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